Geopier Foundation Company Acquires Slope Reinforcement Technology

August 22, 2012 - Geopier Foundation Company (“Geopier”), a leader in ground improvement solutions, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Slope Reinforcement Technology, LLC (“SRT”)...

SRT offers the patented Plate Pile method for slope reinforcement and repair, which provides slope stabilization using an array of steel or aluminum elements driven into the slope in a staggered array of uniformly spaced rows. The Plate Pile method is particularly well-suited to rapidly and economically stabilize shallow slides that occur on existing slopes.  

The partnership supplements Geopier’s industry leading portfolio, which includes the efficient and cost effective Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP) Systems. These systems are effective replacements for massive over-excavation and replacement or deep foundations, including driven piles, drilled shafts or augered cast-in-place piles.  

“SRT is an ideal fit for us because of the complementary solutions each company offers,” said Dr. Kord Wissmann, president of Geopier. This combination allows geotechnical engineers and project owners to take advantage of Geopier's nationwide experience along with SRT's in-depth knowledge of slope repair technologies.

The Plate Pile system was developed by Richard Short, P.E., a well-known and iconic figure in the geotechnical engineering and foundation industry. Dick is a past president of DFI and a long standing geotechnical consultant well known in California.

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