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Industrial Facilities & Storage Tanks

Geopier® foundation systems provide cost effective solutions for the support of heavily loaded structures such as those used by industrial, agricultural, municipalities, and petrochemical facilities. Installing Geopier elements not only reduces total settlement magnitudes, but also provides a reinforced composite zone that reduces the potential for damaging differential settlement. 

Geopier® ground improvement systems are designed to meet project settlement tolerances. Geopier solutions also provide significantly improved design bearing pressures for foundations and tanks of 5 to 8 ksf depending on soil conditions. The improved bearing pressure reduces footing sizes, saving time and money on your project.

Construction of flexible bottom industrial tanks results in high shearing stresses at the edges of tanks. In weak soils, high applied edge pressures may result in edge instability, differential settlement and ‘mushrooming’ of the tank shell. Friction angles of 50 degrees allow Geopier ground improvement solutions to improve shear resistance, preventing ‘mushrooming’ and improving factors of safety for edge stability.

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