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At the beginning of July, 2014, Geopier Impact saved the day at a job site close to GFC headquarters.

Two Harbour Place, Davidson, NC

A new office building was slated to be built in Davidson, NC, in mid-2014. The soil conditions at the job site were sloppier than expected, and loads were higher than anticipated. At the last minute, a ground improvement solution was needed to improve the poor soils. The Geopier Impact® system was installed to provide an Intermediate Foundation® solution for the new office building.

The Impact® system creates Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP) elements using a patented vertical ramming process and displacement mandrel to reinforce good to poor soils, including loose sand, soft silt and clay, mixed soil layers, uncontrolled fill, contaminated soils and soils below the groundwater table. The displacement process allows for installation with no spoils and eliminates the need for casing. Its performance and cost-effective qualities make it the ideal solution for soils that are subject to caving.

Because the job was so close to home, many of us had a unique opportunity to take a close look at the entire Geopier Impact process from start to finish, and some great photos and video were taken along the way: 

Davidson Job 2

Davidson Job 3
(That's the Geopier office in the background!)

Davidson Job 4

Davidson Job 1

You can also see a short video here.