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The Geopier SRT® system used in emergency repair for slope failure

Description: The project consisted of repairing the Tynewood ditch at Memorial Drive in Piney Point Village, Texas.  In June 2016, the ditch slope experienced distress and washout, and required repair to avoid further damage to the existing roadway and utilities. The slope height was approximately 16 feet.

Subsurface Conditions:
Due to the emergency nature of the project, geotechnical drilling was not performed. However, the slope was reconstructed using structural clay fill and keyed into natural soil.

Geopier Solution: In August 2016, the failed mass was removed and the slope rebuilt to a 1.2H:1V slope. The Geopier SRT® system was then installed to provide an adequate Factor of Safety against future slope instability while providing a quick response and cost-effective repair without traffic disruption, or the use of anchors or retaining walls. Using the SRT system, Geopier region engineers were able to use their local knowledge of the soils and help make the project feasible with steep slope requirements using representative parameters for natural soils and planned structural clay fill soils. 

The SRT stabilized slope at the Tynewood ditch experienced no subsequent distress during the historic flooding in Houston in August 2017, which is notable because the water in the ditch came up to the slope crest and receded in two weeks.


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