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Geopier MSE Walls & Embankment Support

Geopier® ground improvement solutions, exhibiting friction angles from 49 degrees to 52 degrees, increase the composite stiffness of the soft foundation soils and provide additional shear reinforcement that increases the factors of safety for bearing capacity and global stability. When constructed using open-graded stone, the elements act as vertical drains, increase the rate of settlement and eliminate the need for staged-construction.

The increase in lateral stress achieved during ramming improves the surrounding soil stiffness. The improved stiffness coupled with high stiffness of the Geopier foundation elements significantly reduces embankment and retaining wall settlement. The piers are also constructed from open-graded stone to facilitate radial drainage thereby reducing the time for settlement to occur. The reduction in settlement magnitude and duration eliminates the need for staged embankment construction and reduces overall construction schedules while delivering superior performance.

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