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SRT® System

The patented Plate Pile™ method provides slope stabilization using an array of rigid steel piles driven into the slope in a staggered array of uniformly spaced rows. It is well suited to rapidly stabilize steep slopes to create more buildable space for developments or to stabilize landslides that occur on sites that have difficult access and/or require minimized environmental disturbance. 

The patented SRT Plate Pile™ method is well suited to stabilize slides or steep slopes that do not meet required stability criteria, such as slope inclination between 17 degrees (3:1) to 45 degrees (1:1), slides up to 15 feet thick, all soil types (with the exception of very loose to loose sand) overlying an underlying competent layer into which the Plate Piles penetrate and Plate Piles may be installed into soft rock (e.g. siltstone, claystone, mudstone, weathered shale, etc.).

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