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Ground Improvement for General Contractors





Geopier Ground Improvement for General Contractors, General Contractor, General Contractors and Ground ImprovementGeneral Contractors overseeing residential or commercial projects are faced with many challenges.  The most important - maintaining a safe project site and keeping your project running on time and within budget.   

At Geopier, we understand the value of your role and work hard to provide efficient time saving technologies that will not only support your project but expedite your construction schedule – right from the start.

Start Your Project Off Right with Geopier Ground Improvement   
When faced with soil challenges, the decision on finding the best ground improvement solution can be difficult. One, you can't see underground and two, there are multiple technologies available that range from shallow to deep foundations. How can you be certain which solution is right for your job? Geopier's solutions help General Contracts achieve an efficient foundation design while providing significant cost savings to your client. 





Intermediate Foundation Solutions   
Geopier’s Intermediate Foundation® solutions helps General Contractors achieve an efficient foundation design while providing significant cost savings to your clients. This means our piers go in the ground fast while providing additional cost savings and schedule advantages that appeal to the owner and stakeholders. 

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Rammed Aggregate Pier®
Geopier Impact System - Rammed Aggregate Pier

  • 50% time savings compared to traditional ground improvement methods
  • Average cost is 30-50% less than deep foundations (i.e., driven piles, drilled shafts, augered cast-in-place piles)   

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Rigid InclusionsGeopier GeoConcrete System

  • High stiffness elements that are constructed of cement, aggregate/grout mixture or cement-treated aggregate
  • Design for higher bearing pressure that result in smaller footings and a 50% concrete savings.     

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Have a more targeted application?    
Geopier offers slope reinforcement, and rail subgrade stabilization technologies.   
Get in, get out and get the job done on time. Reach out to Geopier today.    
Geopier’s goal continues to help General Contractors achieve an efficient foundation design while providing cost savings to your client and finding the best ground improvement solution to keep their projects on time and on budget. Request a complimentary project review and we'll make sure you are maximizing your project's timeline and budget.  


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  Using Geopier Ground Improvement technologies and systems allow for:

  • Conversion of deep foundation/structural slab projects to shallow spread footings and slab-on-grade construction.
  • Increased allowable bearing pressures up to 100% (often to 6-9 ksf)
  • Optimization of footings sizes and reductions in steel and concrete costs.
  • Significant reductions in foundation and slab construction durations to meet schedule demands.
  • Significant reductions in total and differential settlements to meet project requirements.
  • Significant reductions in settlements associated with liquefaction.
  • Increased shear strength to alleviate global stability concerns.
  • The ability to construct adjacent to existing buildings and utilities.



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