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Ground Improvement for Structural Engineers


Geopier Ground Improvement - Rigid Inclusions Whether you are a Structural Engineer that designs buildings, tanks and grain bins, or bridges, the loads and pressures your foundation systems support may require ground improvement.  To ensure your structure is properly supported, Geopier’s ground improvement technologies are used to provide an engineered solution to reinforce problematic soils that minimize risks associated with unfavorable settlement, inadequate bearing capacity, liquefaction, and global instability.   

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Give your structure stability with Geopier ground improvement 
At Geopier Foundation Company, we understand that Structural Engineers are faced with making ‘heavy’ decisions.  Selecting the right foundation system and recommending the best ground improvement technique to improve the engineering properties of soils can be difficult. However, partnering with Geopier gives you the advantage that we are staffed by professional licensed Geotechnical Engineers specializing in developing customized ground improvement solutions that address the unique soil conditions and structural needs for your project.   


With various ground improvement methods available, Geopier provides an Intermediate Foundation® solution that replaces deep foundations (i.e., driven piles, drilled shafts, augered cast-in-place piles).  Working with you, we routinely convert projects from structural foundation and slab systems supported on deep foundations to simpler economical spread footings and slab-on-grade designs. 



Geopier’s solutions help structural engineers achieve an efficient foundation design while providing significant cost savings to your client utilizing a wide range of applications. Send us your geotechnical report and we will create a customized solution using Geopier Rammed Aggregate Piers (RAPs) or rigid inclusions.

  • With over 30 years of experience, 10,000 completed projects, 50 licensees worldwide,      Geopier provides global strength with local expertise. 
  • Proven experience supporting structures over 20 stories high! 

Want Geopier to take a look at a project? 
Geopier’s goal continues to help Structural Engineers find the best ground improvement solution to protect your structure stability. Request a complimentary project review and we'll make sure you are maximizing your project's timeline and budget.

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  Using Geopier Ground Improvement technologies and systems allow for:

  • Conversion of deep foundation/structural slab projects to shallow spread footings and slab-on-grade construction.
  • Increased allowable bearing pressures up to 100% (often to 6-9 ksf)
  • Optimization of footings sizes and reductions in steel and concrete costs.
  • Significant reductions in foundation and slab construction durations to meet schedule demands.
  • Significant reductions in total and differential settlements to meet project requirements.
  • Significant reductions in settlements associated with liquefaction.
  • Increased shear strength to alleviate global stability concerns.
  • The ability to construct adjacent to existing buildings and utilities.



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