About Us

Who is Geopier?

Headquartered in Davidson, NC, Geopier® is a design-build engineering firm that specializes in ground improvement.  Geopier® developed the first Rammed Aggregate Pier® system in 1989 and has grown its arsenal to include rigid inclusions, slope reinforcement and rail solutions. 

Our goal is to customize a design-build ground improvement system that meets your project pricing and schedule objectives.  This is accomplished through cost-efficient designs that allow for high design bearing pressures (up to 10,000 psf), greater settlement control, and reduced construction schedules.  There is no soil type or structure we cannot handle.


As the industry leader, Geopier specializes in Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP), rigid inclusions, slope reinforcement and railway subgrade improvement systems. Our Intermediate Foundation® solutions provide a cost-effective alternative for deep foundations.  Over 10,000 structures around the world are currently supported by Geopier® technologies – including a 2.7 million sq ft warehouse, a 22-story high-rise, the world’s largest grain bin.

Quality Control

Our engineering support and site-specific modulus testing, combined with the experience of providing settlement control of thousands of projects, provide an unmatched level of reinforcement and reliability.

Work with Geopier Worldwide

Our local geotechnical engineers and representatives work with your specific soil conditions and loads to engineer a project-specific solution to improve your groundwork for virtually any soil type and groundwater condition across many applications. 

Let us review your project details and provide a free project quote.