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Aug 18 2020

Construction begins at the ABC Supply Baseball Stadium in Beloit, WI. The Geopier Impact® system is being installed to support shallow spread foundations to control settlement to project design specifications. The Geopier® system is reinforcing the existing clay and sand fill with slag, foundry sand, and cinders to tag the native sand. The use of the Geopier systems allowed the design team to support the structure on shallow spread foundations to eliminate the need for expensive deep foundations.


Jun 02 2020

Standing ready, the rigs and crew for Peterson Contractors Inc are ready to get an early start to their morning. A 5-story residential structure in Phoenix will stand on a couple hundred Geopier GP3® elements designed by Western Ground Improvement with an increased bearing capacity for shallow foundations. The Rammed Aggregate Pier® elements will extend through 10 feet of loose clayey sand that would have otherwise required much larger and deeper footings to control settlement.