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Feb 28 2020

Construction is in full swing at the new massive multi-story warehouse called “Project Rodeo” located in Colorado Springs, CO. The Geopier X1® and GP3® systems are being installed by several crews to support high capacity (heavy) spread footings to control settlement to project design specifications. The Geopier systems are reinforcing the 15 feet or more of wind deposited clayey sands, clayey silts, and sandy clays. The use of the Geopier systems allowed systems allowed the design team to develop a fast-paced schedule of 60 days).


Feb 04 2020

Over 120 licensees from around the world traveled to Salt Lake City, UT to attend Geopier’s 24th Annual Conference. Special thanks to our guest speaker Damian Siebert for providing insight into an engineer’s perspective on ground improvement and how to push the envelope, and Michael Cowell for his talk on the Infinite Game and how to understand our just cause and lead through evolution and design methods. Was a great time filled with industry experts, technology innovation and true leadership.