Ground Liquefaction Mitigation


Liquefaction Mitigation & Remediation

Soil liquefaction can have devastating effects on buildings and structures in seismically active regions. 

Geopier® ground improvement methods and techniques provide economical liquefaction mitigation solutions for any application.   

The installation of Geopier elements reduces the potential for ground liquefaction by providing a stiff, non-liquefiable inclusion in the liquefiable soils and by densifying the matrix soils between the piers.  

We work with the geotechnical and structural engineers to develop solutions that meet the project team’s needs.

Design Benefits

Geopier will work with the project team to develop liquefaction remediation solutions that meets the project needs.  We can even provide scope/price for various settlement criteria so that the owner can evaluate cost versus performance for each option.   

Schedule Benefits

Geopier® solutions are rapidly installed, which can help keep your projects ahead of schedule.  Our licensed installers can mobilize multiple rigs and work around the clock to meet any of your scheduling needs. 

Geopier Experience

Geopier® is an industry leader when it comes to ground improvement and liquefaction mitigation.  We have performed extensive testing of our systems under various seismic conditions and have real world applications that have exceeded expectations when tested by actual seismic events.