GeoConcrete® Column System

40+ ftinstallation depth
10+ ksftypical bearing capacity
  • Ideal for deep, soft clay and organic soil profiles
  • Rapid installation (schedule savings)
  • 20-50% savings versus deep foundations and over-excavation
  • No spoils and haul-off costs

Geopier GeoConcrete® Columns (GCCs) are unique in that they are not constructed in lifts like our RAP systems.  Instead, they consist of a concrete base “bulb” overlain by an extruded column of concrete.   One of the most interesting aspects of GCCs is that the concrete is placed in an airtight (or closed) system.  This allows for a higher degree of quality control during installation as changes in pressure directly correlate to how much concrete is placed during each phase of construction.  These concrete column foundations provide excellent settlement control and high bearing pressures for heavy loads in any soil profile.

Soil Type
  • Organic soils or very soft clays and silts
  • Marginal soils for heavily loaded structures

The Geopier GeoConcrete® Column installation starts with calibration of the pump and mandrel system to allow for robust quality control during installation.  Once calibrated, the mandrel is advanced to the desired design depth/bearing layer.  The mandrel is then withdrawn and redriven several times to create a large concrete base.  Once the base is constructed, the mandrel is slowly withdrawn to create a continuous column of concrete between the base and the overlying foundation.  The air pressure within the system is monitored and recorded during construction to verify that a high-quality, contiguous rigid inclusion element has been constructed.    

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Considerations for Building on Concrete Pillars

•    Ideal for organic soils, heavy loads, and/or adjacent structures

•    Foundations can be designed as conventional spread footings with bearing pressures up to 10+ ksf

•    Slabs can be constructed as conventional slab-on-grade

•    Requires a gravel pad or load transfer platform

Construction Considerations

  • Generates no spoils, eliminating haul-off costs
  • Often results in 20% to 50% cost savings compared to traditional alternatives (removal and replacement and deep foundations) 
  • Rapid installation process means shorter construction schedules