Uplift Force & Lateral Load Resistance


Uplift Force and Lateral Load Resistance

Most folks know that Geopier systems help support foundation loads, but did you know we can help resist uplift and lateral forces too?  

Our piers are made of very dense aggregate, which can significantly increase lateral load resistance under footings.  In addition, our piers can be outfitted with uplift anchors, which can help resist uplift load forces associated with wind, seismic events, and hydrostatic pressure.

Design Benefits

Geopier will work with the project team to understand the uplift loads and lateral loads demand required for the various foundations and/or slabs on a given project.  We will develop a design to meet the demand and provide connection details for the structural engineer to integrate into their drawings.  Geopier uplift anchors have typical capacities in the range of 20 to 75 kips per anchor.

Schedule Benefits

Uplift anchors are very fast and easy to install and have little to no impact on project schedule.  The extra steps required to install the anchor and integrate the anchor into the footings far outweighs the cost and schedule impacts associated with deep foundation alternatives.

Cost Benefits

Uplift anchors are relatively inexpensive and are easy to install.  The cost of uplift anchors are significantly less then the typical deep foundation alternatives.

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