Sustainability and success go hand-in-hand

We believe that in order to create a more resilient future, the world needs confident designers and builders who understand how to achieve sustainability. We also believe this goal can be achieved without sacrificing the bottom line or project timelines. That's why we treat every conversation as an opportunity to understand how sustainability can go hand in hand with profits and success. Our passion for educating, combined with our innovative ground improvement solutions, allow you to design and build with confidence. When that happens, we all win.

How Geopier solutions contribute to sustainability

Geopier® can help provide a sustainable solution on your next project in the following ways:

  • Replaces steel or concrete with naturally occurring, locally sourced
  • Utilizes reclaimed aggregates such as recycled concrete
  • Eliminates harmful water runoff, siltation and environmental disturbance
  • Conserves water resources (dry installation)
  • Reduces carbon footprint during foundation installation versus deep foundations and removal and replacement
  • Reduces footing concrete and steel demand with higher design bearing pressures