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GeoSpike System

Geopier’s GeoSpike system will reinforce soft soils and provide a high strength, superior level of performance without removing railroad tracks, ties or ballasts. 

The GeoSpike system is comprised of a set of polymer shells installed between ties.  Aggregate is then placed within the confining shell and compacted.   The dynamic loads from the passing rail cars arch through the ballast and are effectively transferred through the GeoSpike down to a stronger bearing layer. 

Using the GeoSpike system allows for a quick, intermediate solution that will eliminate the need for over-excavation-based subgrade repair and has the ability to safely strengthen railway subgrades while minimizing down-time to rail operations.

The GeoSpike system installation is similar to other Geopier Rammed Aggregate Pier® solutions where direct vertical ramming energy compacts high-quality aggregate to form high stiffness elements that provide superior support capacity, increased bearing pressure and settlement control.

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