GeoSpike® Railway Subgrade System

200+ ftof track fixed per day
20-50%cost savings vs alternatives
  • Reduces ongoing maintenance
  • Rapid installation, can be performed under traffic
  • Ability to be installed On or Off-track, with common equipment
  • Less mess compared to other railway subgrade solutions

The Geopier GeoSpike railway subgrade system improves shallow to medium depth soft subgrade conditions for railroads.  GeoSpikes are HDPE pier elements that transfer loads from the ballast, through soft soils, and into more suitable bearing layers.  This installation method allows for the system to be installed without the removal of the track, rail, or ties.  

Soil Type
  • Soft track subgrade soils underlain by competent soils/bedrock

Geopier GeoSpikes℠ are driven between the ties with an excavator mounted vibratory hammer.  GeoSpikes are then filled with aggregate and tie cribs are back filled.

Suitable Projects
  • Fouled railroad ballast/mud spots
  • Areas requiring repeated surfacing
  • Shallow railway subgrade failures
  • Challenging railway foundation construction

Design Considerations

  • Can be installed on existing tracks
  • Installation depths up to 20+ feet

Construction Considerations

  • No need to remove track, rail, or ties
  • Can be installed before or after track is surfaced
  • Rapid installation means minimal service interruptions
  • Can be installed on-track or off-track

How does Geopier compare to the competition?

There are several ways to remediate a poorly performing railroad track, including removal and replacement and compaction grouting.  The Geopier GeoSpike℠ railway subgrade system offers a rapidly installed, cost-effective solution that minimizes service disruptions.