Densipact® System

20+ ftinstallation depth
5-10 ksftypical bearing capacity
  • Ideal for building foundations on clean sand soils
  • Rapid installation (schedule savings)
  • 20-50% savings versus deep foundations and over-excavation
  • No spoils and haul-off costs

The Geopier Densipact®  system is one of our primary soil densification solutions.  This system was developed specifically for clean sand profiles typically encountered along the coast and near the Great Lakes.  This solution is unique in that it does not have a tamper or soil compaction chamber, rather it is composed of a series of tines connected to a base plate.  Each individual tine imparts energy into the soil, densifying the sand to create a raft of very dense material directly beneath the footing.  This system is unique in that creates a mass of dense sand rather than distinct aggregate pier elements.

Soil Type
  • Clean sand soils (fines content less than 15%)

Geopier Densipact® piers are constructed by advancing the patented tines through loose sands to a denser bearing layer.  Once the bearing layer is reached, the tines are withdrawn several feet and redriven to densify the in-situ sand in place.  This process is repeated up to the ground surface.  Additional sand material can be added at the ground surface (as needed) to make sure there is adequate material to construct the Densipact element.

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Design Considerations

  • Densification of soil is ideal for liquefaction mitigation
  • Foundations can be designed as conventional spread footings
  • Slabs can be constructed as conventional slab-on-grade

Construction Considerations

  • Generates no spoils, eliminating haul-off costs
  • Often results in 20% to 50% cost savings compared to traditional alternatives (removal and replacement and deep foundations) 
  • Rapid installation process means shorter construction schedules