Antelope Data Center

Los Lunas, NM

The Geopier GP3® system provided cost effective support for a 120,000 square foot facility and exceeded pier stiffness by three times the design specification

  • Owner: Facebook
  • General Contractor: Fortis Construction, Inc.
  • Geotechnical Engineer: Terracon
  • Structural Engineer: Peoples Associates Structural Engineers
Client's Challenge

Construction of a two-story data center with a footprint of 120,000 square feet. Maximum column loads were on the order of 450 kips and maximum wall loads of 5 kips/foot.

Subsurface Conditions

The subsurface conditions consist of alternating layers of medium dense sand with silt and silty sand and stiff sandy silt. Groundwater was not encountered.  

Geopier® Solution

The Geopier GP3® system was selected to provide a cost savings advantage over excavation and replacement or auger cast piles. The Geopier Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP) system was designed to provide an allowable bearing pressure of 8,000 psf, with a total and differential settlement of less than 1-inch total and 1/2-inch differential. The high bearing pressure allowed for reduced footing sizes for cost savings on concrete. Nearly 1,800 Geopier elements with shaft lengths of 8 feet deep were constructed in 37 days. The modulus test confirmed stiffness over three times the design stiffness of 240 pci.

Solutions Used


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