Fire Station & Administration Building

St. Paul, MN

The Geopier GP3® system was selected by the geotechnical engineer to support this facility in lieu of alternative foundation support solutions

  • Owner: City of St. Paul
  • General Contractor: CPMI, Inc.
  • Geotechnical Engineer: Braun Intertec Corporation
  • Structural Engineer: Collaborative Design Group
Client's Challenge

This project consisted of a one to two-story fire station and administration building that consolidated two existing fire stations.

Subsurface Conditions

Soil conditions consisted of fill, five to 24 feet thick with the deepest fill within an old ravine below the central part of the building. Beneath the fill was limestone bedrock.

Geopier® Solution

The Geopier GP3® system offered a foundation support solution for the heavily loaded floor slabs, walls and columns over the uncontrolled fill soils. The Geopier GP3® system also offered a sustainable solution. The aggregate used to construct the Rammed Aggregate Pier® elements will assist with LEED credits as the project aims for LEED silver certification.

Solutions Used


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