Does Santa's Warehouse Need Ground Improvement?

Date: December 16, 2022

As any child can tell you, Santa has magical powers – how else can he deliver toys to so many girls and boys through the world in just one night?! …and fitting all those toys onto one sleigh is nothing short of miraculous (UPS, FedEx, and any Amazon driver would concur). 

But what if Santa needed to conform to the laws of physics like the rest of us? Would Santa's warehouse be able to withstand Peak Present Loading Conditions (or PPLC per the 2017 North Pole Building Code): 500 psf in the stuffed animal supply room, 800 psf on the doll house assembly line, 5 kips per leg on the automated elevated bicycle storage system? 

As slab pressures rise from product storage, material stockpiling, and machinery loads over large areas, Geopier® elements can be utilized to support the slabs to stiffen the existing subgrade, reduce estimated settlements, and increase the subgrade modulus. Many well-known distribution warehouse foundations across the United States are currently supported on Geopier elements. More information

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