Geopier MythBusters, 2nd Edition

by Rob Condon, P.E., on March 22, 2023

Welcome back to Geopier’s version of MythBusters, where we dispel some of the Geopier® related myths circulating in the design-build world.  This article focuses on two particularly nasty myths:

Myth 3: Geopier systems cannot be used in soft clays and organic soils.
If the organic content is low (such as buried topsoil), then a Rammed Aggregate Pier® system may be installed through this layer to tag the underlying native soils. If the organic content is high, then a rigid inclusion technology will likely be required to provide confinement and limit settlements. Geopier has several rigid inclusion systems that can be used in soft clays and organic soils.
Learn more in our webinar, Geopier Ground Improvement Solutions for Organic & Soft Soils.

Myth 4: Geopier is not cost effective on small projects.
Geopier has supported hundreds of small projects worldwide.

Our hope is that these MythBusters help you better understand our capabilities so that you can design using Geopier with confidence!