Geopier MythBusters, 1st Edition

by Rob Condon, P.E., on November 14, 2022

Welcome to Geopier’s version of MythBusters, where we dispel some of the Geopier® related myths circulating in the design-build world.  This article focuses on two particularly nasty myths:

Myth 1: Geopier can't be installed below the groundwater table
There are multiple ways to construct Geopier elements below the groundwater elevation. Temporary casing may be added with the drilled solutions. Alternatively, one of the displacement Geopier systems may be used to allow for aggregate delivery at the bottom of patented system mandrels to ensure that rock is placed at the appropriate elevations.

Myth 2: Geopier can't be used to support heavy loads
With very few exceptions, Geopier can be used to support just about any size load. It depends on the soil profile, the size of the loads, and the settlement requirements for the project.

Our hope is that these MythBusters help you better understand our capabilities so that you can design using Geopier with confidence!