Juan Pablo Rodríguez

Director for Latin America
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Juan Pablo Rodríguez

Director for Latin America
Mr. Juan Pablo Rodríguez is the Director for Latin America for Geopier®. He reviews Geopier designs in order to provide a sound technical and cost-effective ground improvement solution for different applications.

Juan Pablo has been with Geopier for 9 years, and prior being Director for Latin America, he also served as Area Manager for South America, and Project Engineer for Latin America.  

Juan Pablo has more than 25 years of combined geotechnical engineering experience, including laboratory and field-testing, and soils and construction materials testing while he lived in Puerto Rico, where he worked for consulting firms like Jaca & Sierra Testing Laboratories, Central Geotechnical Services, and his own consulting firm, Geotécnicos, PSC.

He oversees the design and commercial aspects of ground improvement projects in Latin America, and is frequently invited as a speaker for Latin America geotechnical conferences to promote ground improvement using Geopier® systems.

He has authored or coauthored ground improvement papers using Rammed Aggregate Pier elements and frequently collaborates as peer reviewer for ground improvement papers. His special interests include liquefaction mitigation and Ground Improvement for wind tower foundations support using Geopier Rammed Aggregate Pier® elements.

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