Ryan Bulatao

Regional Manager

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Ryan Bulatao

Regional Manager
Ryan joined Western Ground Improvement (WGI) in September of 2019.

Before joining WGI, Ryan worked in geotechnical consulting primarily in the southern California area. He spent his first 4 years with CDM (now CDM Smith) as a staff engineer, and then worked at GeoPentech for the following 10 years as a project engineer.  As a consultant, Ryan engaged in projects related to mass grading developments, mid to high rise buildings, tunnels, pipelines, dams and reservoirs, and roadways.

Most recently in the last 2 years prior to WGI, Ryan worked with Roctest, the leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative sensing technologies based on vibrating wire and fiber optic sensors for geotechnical and structural instrumentation.

As the western United States business development manager for Roctest, Ryan managed a region encompassing 13 states and instrumented projects that included pipelines and tunnels, dams, mines, harbors, and bridges.

Ryan received his BS in Civil Engineering from UCLA and his MS in Geotechnical Engineering from UC Berkeley. Ryan has been a licensed Professional Engineer in California for Civil Engineering since 2006 and for Geotechnical Engineering since 2013.

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