Tex Rail Slope Stabilization

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Tex Rail Slope Stabilization: RW3-16 Sections A-D

  • Owner: Fort Worth Transportation Authority
  • General Contractor: Archer Western Herzog
  • Geotechnical Engineer: Kleinfelder
Client's Challenge

The Tex Rail project consists of several miles of new track, to be located adjacent to existing track in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

Site Challenges

Railway expansion required the construction of new retaining walls adjacent to existing rail lines. Tight site constraints for construction required temporary cut slopes of 1H:1V or steeper (slope heights of about 5 to 12 feet) near the existing rail line to promote new retaining wall construction. Project requirements specified any cut slope of 1H:1V or steeper be temporarily stabilized during wall construction.  The General Contractor, Archer Western Herzog, installed the Geopier SRT® piles to maintain a factor of safety of 1.2 or greater. They installed the piles in a top-down approach, starting with the upper row, to ensure stability as they continued to cut the 1:1 slope into the existing haul road.

Geopier® Solution

The Geopier SRT® system allowed the existing railway to remain in operation while the new retaining wall and track configuration were completed. Approximately 100 Plate Piles™ were installed in 5 working days, which provided a substantial schedule benefit over the overexcavation and replacement alternative.  

Solutions Used


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