SRT® Slope Stability System

15+ ftinstallation depth
20-50%cost savings vs alternatives
  • Excellent slope reinforcement solution for transportation and rail projects
  • Rapid installation (schedule savings)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No spoils and haul-off costs

The Geopier SRT® system is an efficient and cost-effective solution for the stabilization of new slopes and active slides up to 15+ feet deep.  SRT® is ideal for constrained right of ways and eliminates the need for massive earthwork and site disruption. The slope reinforcement system is designed to stabilize slopes where the soil conditions consist of an upper zone of weathered, loose, soft or disturbed soil over a stable zone of soil or soft rock. The closely spaced Plate Pile elements form a series of horizontal barriers where the soil arches between the plates, forming a continuous line of resistance against downslope movement.

Soil Type
  • Weathered/loose/soft soils over stable soils or soft rock

Slide material is either replaced or reused and slope is re-established. The plate pile elements are then driven through unstable soil into a competent layer. This process if performed on or off track using an excavator. Piles are driven in an engineered pattern based on soil conditions and depth of slide.

Design Considerations

  • Can be used to steepen proposed or existing slopes
  • Piles are driven below grade, doesn’t interfere with vegetation or present a hazard
  • Great slope reinforcement for transportation and rail applications
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Materials are made in the USA

Construction Considerations

  • Can be installed with an excavator and vibratory hammer
  • Materials are readily available anywhere, resulting in lower shipping costs and shorter lead-times
  • Often results in 20% to 50% cost savings compared to traditional alternatives (removal and replacement)
  • Rapid installation process means shorter service interruptions

How does Geopier compare to the competition?

There are several slope stabilization methods including removal and replacement, regrading, soil nails, etc.  The Geopier SRT® slope reinforcement system is a simple, rapidly installed, and non-invasive design that provides long-term slope performance.