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Railway Subgrade Improvement

With railroads across the world being supported on weak subgrade soils, passenger and freight trains are experiencing issues with track stability, areal settlement, and track deflection that require costly repairs. To avoid expensive, over-excavation-based subgrade repairs and to minimize rail down time, Geopier ground improvement systems have been used to reinforce soft subgrade soils to provide a high strength and superior level of performance. This increases the railroad’s effective subgrade modulus and decreases future track deflections.

New Construction                                                                    For new construction, Geopier Rammed Aggregate Pier® and rigid inclusion systems offer designers proven methods of settlement reduction which reduce future track deflections and improve transition zones between railroad bridges and embankments. The rapid installation process allows for faster construction of new rail lines and grade separation structures.

Track Maintenance                                                                  For track maintenance applications, the Geopier GeoSpike system is a low-cost method for strengthening weak railroad track subgrades. This minimally invasive system creates strong elements in weak subgrade soils, and can be installed without removing railroad tracks, ties, or ballast.

Shallow Slide Repair 
Geopier ground improvement is also used to cost-effectively stabilize shallow slides along existing soil embankments by using the Geopier SRT® system.

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