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Grouted Impact® System

The Geopier Grouted Impact® system is designed to reinforce soft, organic soils below the groundwater table by using a patented displacement mandrel. The displacement process allows for installation with no spoils and eliminates the need for casing. Its performance and cost-effective qualities make it the ideal solution for soils that are subject to caving.

The addition of grout to the Impact process stiffens the pier and provides improved long term confinement. During installation, cement grout is introduced into the hollow mandrel and filled to a prescribed depth. Aggregate is then placed into the mandrel and the grout covered aggregate is used to form the grouted RAP element. The ramming of the grouted aggregate causes pre-stressing and pre-straining of the matrix soils, improves the density of the granular materials, and increases the lateral stress in surrounding soil. The grout binds the compacted aggregate together, and strengthens the pier through weak soil zones or organic layers.

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