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Geopier® Ground Improvement Solutions June Webinar Series

Geopier® Ground Improvement Solutions Using Rigid Inclusion Technology

This webinar will cover Geopier rigid inclusion technologies that are used to solve ground improvement needs in various soils and applications.

 Our informative discussion will include:

  • Evaluating the need for rigid inclusion ground improvement and the geotechnical mechanics that govern these systems
  • Reviewing Geopier rigid inclusion options
  • Providing general guidance as to when rigid inclusions should be considered
  • Project examples

Date: June 9th @ 1 pm EDT   |   Duration: 50 mins

Save your seat now and we'll look forward to you joining us on June 9th. 

Geopier® Ground Improvement Solutions for Warehouses


Warehouse structures are becoming increasingly prevalent in our culture as data centers for cloud communication or delivery from a central warehouse. These structures often have large areal slab loads and/or large column bay loads. Purveyors of these structures typically require savings in project cost and schedule. During our time, we will examine the considerations that accompany these requirements and what Geopier® solutions provide to such projects. Following this we’ll present some case histories where Geopier was utilized. 

Our informative discussion will include:

  • Background on warehouse design considerations
  • Options for foundation and slab support
  • Benefits and considerations of Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP) technology for foundation and slab support
  • Project examples

Date: June 16th @ 1 pm EDT   |   Duration: 50 mins

Save your seat now and we'll look forward to you joining us on June 16th. 


Geopier® Ground Improvement Solutions for Storage Tanks

This webinar will cover Geopier's in-house technology to provide ground improvement to support tanks and ancillary structures. This webinar will provide owners, contractors, and consulting engineers with innovative ground improvement solutions to support large diameter (100 feet to 300 feet) storage tanks while meeting the tank manufacturer’s performance needs. Geopier is the national leader in providing ground improvement solutions and working with tank supplier/owners, contractors and consultants across North America to provide cost effective ground improvement solutions that accommodate the loading requirements. 

Our informative discussion will include:

  • Increasing the ring footing bearing pressure while reducing total and differential settlement across the tanks
  • Meeting tank manufacturer's foundation specifications
  • Providing cost-effective Rammed Aggregate Pier® solutions
  • Understanding the speed of installation of Geopier systems compared to traditional methods of support
  • Project examples

Date: June 23rd @ 1 pm EDT   |   Duration: 50 mins

Save your seat now and we'll look forward to you joining us on June 23rd. 

At Geopier, we are committed to creating educational opportunities that showcase our Intermediate Foundation solutions that help speed construction while reducing costs. Watch any of our webinar recordings below when it's convenient for your schedule.